Urgent Care Services in Scottsdale Phoenix and Paradise Valley AZ



Hours: 10AM to 9PM Daily – Call: (480) 948-0102


Urgent Care PhoenixUrgent Care in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the surrounding communities. We offer our services onsite and bring quality care to you.

    • Lab Tests – including Rapid Strep, Urine Analysis, Urine Pregnancy, Blood Sugar, Occult Stool Blood , Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure Averaging, Heart Rhythm Analysis.
    • Medications (for administering OR dispensing) – Oral, inhalation, s.c. intramuscular, i.v., and immunizations
    • Treatments – Fever, headaches, earaches, pink eye, scratched eye, nosebleeds, sore throat, dental pain, mouth ulcers, congestion, cough, asthma attacks, acute allergic reactions, vomiting and diarrhea, hemorrhoids, pilonidal cysts, urine infections, back pain, extremity and hand injuries, simple fractures and dislocations, all kinds of lacerations and wounds and suture removal, abscesses, skin infections and diseases, arthritis flares, gout attacks, panic and anxiety attacks, and many additional services. Please call if you do not see your ailment here.
  • We Carry: oxygen; pulse oximeter; Automatic Blood Pressure/Averaging Unit; Automatic External Defibrillator/Heart Monitor (AED); i.v. fluids; suturing (sewing up cuts) supplies and dressings; splinting supplies and crutches; and many medications.

No more uncomfortable, long waits in a clinic or ER!! Our physicians are unhurried during the housecall visit so that patients have as much time as is needed to have their questions answered. Privacy and confidentiality are always maintained. We are multilingual, and fluent in Spanish as well as English.


Being Emergency Physicians, we are adept at stabilizing and getting a patient into their local EMSS (Emergency Medical Services System) and to the appropriate facility for their problem, if the need should arise during a housecall.

For more information about Doctor Housecalls’ Urgent Care in PhoenixUrgent Care in Scottsdale, and Urgent Care in Paradise Valley, AZ, call (480) 948-0102.